APHIS/Product Destruction

It is key to the health of our environment that fruits, vegetables, meats, animals, animal products, plants, soil, seeds and other plant-based materials entering United States are free from agricultural pests and diseases. At Waste Management, we understand healthy communities depend on the safe handling of these materials.

APHIS Waste is waste that was on board, generated on board, or removed by any means of transportation during international movement. These include:

  • Food scraps, table refuse, gallery refuse, food wrappers or packaging materials
  • International aircraft passenger or crew food waste
  • Meals prepared but not consumed
  • Fruits, vegetables, meats

As North America's leading environmental solutions company, Waste Management maintains the necessary APHIS, USDA, CBP, Port permits and authority to transport, treat and dispose of APHIS, international waste, regulated garbage and rejected cargo from all Ports in Southern California. We handle the waste safely and responsibly.

  • We use USDA/CBP approved shipping containers and use disinfectants that meet all regulations.
  • All of our staff is well trained on how to handle, collect, transport, and treat APHIS waste.
  • We sterilize waste according to USDA requirements (212 degrees F for 30 minutes) and use an approved disposal method.
  • Our processing equipment is calibrated according to USDA requirements and inspected by CBP.
  • All regulated medical and autoclaved waste received at our Vernon Medical Waste Processing Facility are processed immediately (within 72 hours). We provide CODs to customers and regulatory agencies.

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